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Libreoffice make one page landscape

libreoffice make one page landscape

Print preview looks normal (landscape and the sheet prints landscape.
So there is some combination of options that seems to get the printer stuck in landscape.
20-Feb-2012, 11:56 page #2, libreoffice re: Libreoffice doesn't print landscape files properly.
Page: Portrait, sheet: Fit print ranges(s) to width/height.
20-Feb-2012, 12:38 #3, will Honea nntp User, re: Libreoffice doesn't print landscape files properly dimesio wrote: I just recently encountered this problem trying to print a spreadsheet in landscape from LibreOffice.4.Sheet: Fit print ranges(s) to width/height.The bad printing has occurred with both OpenSuse.3,11.4 and.1.Mostly just read here.I tried with my current spreadsheet and a new one.Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to make the change libreoffice permanent.The time now is 20:34.It should rotate the page to landscape and print each page side by side.

Tab Page: Portrait, tab Sheet: Fit print ranges(s) on landscape number of pages.
To me, this printer language property (or whatever) in LibreOffice landscape appears to "stick" to the document or spreadsheet instead of being a sort of permanent global landscape application setting.
Create a spreadsheet, File - Spreadsheet, and following the steps below.
But orientation does say Landscape, but Format - Page says Portrait.If you groter create new document and spreadsheet default templates (or edit the existing ones) and set their printer language option to PostScript, then PostScript is there as the printer language in new documents and spreadsheets.File - Print on the print dialog, Properties Paper size Orientation are greyed out.This is a tricky one.It helped me a little.