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List of sad songs that make you cry

It is important to that cry, to let this surprises bitter fact make sink in, so that eventually, one learns to come in peace with leuke the situation through acceptance, and gathers enough courage to move on in life.
Beck, Lost Cause (2002 photo credit: HckySo Flickr, recorded by the multi-instrumentalist and American leuke singer-songwriter in 2002, this depressing track can be found on his breakup album, Sea Change.
Shinedown - What a that shame, Beyond the sun, kersthapjes Save.The lyrics points out how there is no compromise or sacrifice from the spouses to settle the differences in their relationship.Other Recommended Tracks, better In leuke Time - Leona Lewis, goodbye make To You - Michelle Branch.Staind - Basically anything from them.Here is my pick of the top 10 sad songs which helped me cry my heart out in times of pain and sadness.The girl immediately retaliates so that there is no element of sympathy involved for the boy.The leuke lyrics portray a short, sugar-coated dream which, with aching grim, will end soon.Hence, I took the liberty to include this in the list of my personal favorites.

Saosin - 7 years, lOL IDK I dingen have alot of these it just dingen gezonde depends on why dingen Im sad.
It was released in 2002, in response to Cashs long battle dingen with the maken neurodegenerative disease that would eventually take his life a year later.
Prince, Purple dingen Rain (1984 photo credit: Leni Tuchsen Flickr, this list leuke wouldnt be complete without a Prince song.The lyrics reflect honesty.It is haar better to leave it broken than traktatie hurt yourself trying to fix.Remember, it's all for the better.Devastating to say the least, this song touches on the chasm that is left between Clapton and dingen his son, it really maken doesnt get any sadder than that.Eddie Vedders haunting voice is the final nail in the coffin, so to speak.The moral of this song is, lijmpistool give it a try to patch dingen things up, be patient, if it doesn't work out then 'I'll admit that I was glad that it was over.'.