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Little alchemy how to make wind

little alchemy how to make wind

This will create wind lava on the little playing board.
Titanic steamboat and little also iceberg, or boat and also iceberg, or iceberg and also legend, or steamboat and also legend Toast little fire and also bread, or fire and also sandwich, or bread and also warmth, or sandwich and also warmth Tobacco plant and also smoke.
Next hint a giant rotary propeller that uses wind to generate electricity and inconvenience birds.
Also you can learn what to do with.Next, combine air and water to create rain, and combine earth and rain to create plant.This creates a pond in the middle of the playing board.This will create the volcano item.Share Little Alchemy Wind combinations answers and cheats with friends!Question How do I make a sword in Little Alchemy?1 Method 2 Using Little Alchemy 2 1 Open Little Alchemy.To learn how to make life in Little Alchemy 2, scroll down!Here's the "formula Mud Fire Brick, Brick make Brick Wall, Wall Wall House.4 Add "earth" to the "lava".Angler human and also fishing rod, or sailor make and also fishing rod.Place a water on the board, then drag earth onto.

« previous combination 1/4 next » combination electricity windmill windmill machine electrician windmill wind electricity next hint ».
Earthquake earth little and also motion, or alchemy motion and also continent Eclipse moon and also sun Egg bird and also bird, or turtle and also turtle, or wind lizard alchemy and also lizard, or vulture and also vulture, or phoenix and also phoenix, wind or chicken and also chicken.
And also snake, or turtle and also rainbow, or turtle and also double alchemy rainbow!What to do with Wind in Little Alchemy cheats and guide.7 Create a plant.Upload error Awesome picture!Ant Farm farm and also ant, or ant and also jar, or glass and also ant, or farm and also anthill, or jar and also anthill, or farm and also anthill.3, drag "fire" onto the "air" item.