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Logo maken in photoshop

logo maken in photoshop

I use Photoshop only for photo editing, retouching and photo manipulation, because photoshop is done mainly for working with raster maken graphics.
We have 2 main tools when we want to modify an existing path (and its points the logo Path Selection Tool (select the whole path with one click) and the Direct loempia Selection Tool (select points on the path independently).
You can photoshop adjust shades by using surinaams the gradient (keep photoshop the middle photoshop part lighter and sides in maken darker shade) as shown in the image below.
Choose a black color for the stroke and decrease its width.50 points and choose a nice strong yellow for the fill.You see, its always better to have something on top of which you can start creating stuff than a blank white canvas.Join the Community, share ideas.For the first circle lofsalade again use the ellipse tool and draw a circle (width 148mm, height 148mm stroke color is #27AAE1.And keep the other options same as shown in the image below.First lets show the rulers on the screen by pressing loempiadeeg Ctrl.Also, if you dont like my color scheme you can change the fill color of the star or the text in order to better suit your sense of style.Select the Ellipse Tool and create a small circle.However, before we plunge into our creative journey lets have a quick glance at the final product!Step15:-, first circle is done now and now well give 3D effect to 2nd circle.

Step19:-, now lets open photoshop and create a new file.
Step18:-, its time to put together the whole image.
Step 22:-, now select online the Text movie Tool and add the text in the middle.
This background maker could be part of beat the logo or could be part of the presentation its up to our future client.
Step 8, if you feel queasy about paths go check out this great tutorial by maker yours truly and you will be able to follow the next steps with much more ease.This can be a texture, a drawing or even a photo at a lower opacity everything online that lmms can help you in the artistic process.Its time to fill this oval shape, movie use the grey gradient again, select the type of gradient radial, adjust the angle (-8.4) and aspect ratio (276.74) as shown in the image below.Step10:-, now we are done with the make shape, its time to create the 3D-atomic circles around the main shape.Hope you guys have enjoyed this tutorial and learned a thing or two.First select the brush tool with 1px size and # 00fff6 color.WordPress themes, live video, music and more 30-50 Off, go to Sale, dismiss, advertisement.Step5:-, now select the ellipse tool again and draw an oval shape and tilt it a little downward lmms (using selection tool).Then fill the background with color # 000000.Keep the other settings of light intensity, ambient light, highlight size and blend step as shown in the image.