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Love you so much it makes me sick

If youre asking what I lijnpuzzel value, the answer is you.
It takes three seconds to sick say dicky I love you.
Just because I love you doesnt mean I have maken to like sick you right now.
I have counted the stars for you.You much are ticking in my limerick heart like a little clock.When I touch you, I feel you.Cause I miss you, body and soul, so strong that it takes my breath away and I breathe you into my heart and pray for the strength to stand maken today.When you return that smile to me, my heart overflows with sick joy.If you want to say you love me, its because you want me to know.It takes a second purschuim to say I love you, but a lifetime to show.She wants to know shes needed, she maken needs to be held tight.In the face of death I wink.I love love you very much, because with you, I found a way to love myself again.-Source Unknown.I much will be waiting, always.In that particular likeur moment, they hugged each other.

In my hands is this liedjes heart.
A kiss for you means I maker love zelf you.
I love maken you by no stretch of your imagination.-Source Unknown.The greatest distance in this world for two people is not living and death.Here are some beautiful I love you"s that will help you.Whatever it takes, whatevers at lichtzakjes stake, you know Ill maken be verf right here, right here always waiting for you.-Source Unknown.You reign over my heart, and your wish is my command.Three hours maken to explain it and a lifetime to prove.-Source Unknown.What more can I say except I love you.-Source Unknown.I love you, beyond poetry.-Source Unknown.When I am troubled, I only need to think of you to ease tekst my soul.All my days with tekst you are days worth living.Want to vanish inside your kiss and I love you until the end of time. .Wait forever I guess I will, I just wish I could liedjes have told you, Wait!Saying I love you isnt hard; zelf saying I love you and meaning.-Source Unknown.If the sky where made of paper and the ocean my ink well; I still wouldnt be able to describe how much I love you, and how wonderful lichtstudie you make me feel when I am with you.-Source Unknown.

I am not blind to your love for me, and I dare say that I love you with my whole heart, but Im just afraid to lose a friendship like ours.-Source Unknown.
There is no finer day than a day with you by sick my side.