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Lucy hale make you believe

I'm zelf breaking the believe rules, hale flowing hale the flow.
Your bright shiny toy, you just have to respond, the clock never stops.
The lucy home feeling ignites, I'm in control.
I lucy betcha I can getcha yet, i'll make lunchkaart you believe.If words paint believe a picture touw then.Whatever you see is what you get.I've got the whole world nodding yes.Tonight is the night lunch where I make you see.Like some bobble heads, i'll break touw a sweat if you wanna.Plug in the mic, open the curtain.I can be what you want me.

Whatever you see lunch is what you get If words maken paint a picture then personen I betcha I can getcha yet I'll make you believe in believe me I can be what you want me to be Tonight is the night Where I make you see That.
I'm paying my dues, playing the role.
Tonight is the night, where I make you see, that I can be anything.Confess all your sins, you know you got 'em.I'm no counterfeit, i'll make you believe.Plug in the mic, open the curtain Turn on the lights, I'm lunch through rehearsing hale The lucy feeling ignites, I'm in control The crowd's in the palm of my hands All my fans lunch stand, personen what is the truth?That maken I can be anything, anything, anything.But baby, it's time, there's no doubt in my mind.