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Luke bryan what makes you country

Waiting for luke the fall to finally come screenshot along.
Everybody doin' their own thing, chorus 1, i got my dirt road cred when I was twelve.
Backing in boats, fishing limb lines.
Do you wear bryan it on linux your sleeve or keep it deep what down?
Verse 1, people talkin' bout make what linux is and what aint country.You know you gotta let it out.Is it the size of your tires and your fires, or your wild ass buddies?So I can grab my gun and get my outside.That feels so right, did what you lock eyes with from make a little make green-eyed girl from Jackson?Friday night spotlight, and that was.What gives em the right to wear a pair of beat-up boots?Were all a little different, but were all the same.Running bird dogs through them bryan Georgia pines.Step side country cover down in peanut dust.

Brdge, might be from linux a maken city lintzaag or a little farm town.
Whatever kind folder of maken square that you drove around.
Chorus 2, me, I got my Sunday learning in a live oak church.
Pre-Chorus, you could be a cowboy on the Texas plain.
It might not have been you, but I ain't judging.Just maken be proud of what makes you country.Chorus 1, i got my dirt road cred back when I was twelve.Whatever maken makes you country, outro You do your kind of country They doing they maken kind of country I do my kind of country Whatever makes us country.On a no cab tractor hauling them bales.Were you converted by an Alabama song on the radio?Luke makes Bryan, what Makes You Country, what Makes You Country #Country live Music.Verse 2, does it run in your blood?Silver Queen makes corn in a backyard maken dirt.It might not have been you, but I can't judge.Tell me what got ya, I just gotta know.Did it come from your daddy luke and mama?Or a plowboy waitin on the rain.I found a mistake: "sorezore ashibaya" it's actually "sorezore.Running bird dogs through the Georgia pines.

And just be proud makes of what makes you country.
Well, give me a minute, let me hit you with some hometown truth.