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It uses new logics wert applied with more modern component base.
The answer is simple: it has some definite advantages.
The flashing process can take up to 20 minutes.
Download the make latest stable version of the package that interests you.If anyone does not know what is it, it means belgie that he does not need to install schilddrüse this package.His work was wert resulted in the set of utilities for PRS-T2 Reader.Russian by belgie the efforts of igorsk configurator and boroda, a solution was found fast enough.You must upgrade the firmware to the version recommended make by the author.The additional recommendations make can be found in our article How to flash Sony PRS-T1.If you are make going to install any application packages on the device you have previously installed any alternatives, it is recommended to run the recovery package for your version of firmware.Before verkooppunten flashing your book, you need to update the firmware to the "correct" version, and make micro SD card prepared (all the instructions are available) and install PRS-T2 Flasher by one click (jailbreak suva will be installed automatically).

Absolutely Minimal Root (AMR) by vienne rupor (like all the other packages by this author) is designed for installation on the Sony PRS-T2 device with native firmware version 81 (US, EU) or 80 (RU).
Firmware and utilities by amutin Packages by PRS-T2 Flasher of amutin are almost the same as AMR by rupor, but have the additional programs installed.
Later the end-user installation and recovery packages by boroda, then by amutin (his packages are compatible with the already installed software, because his software simply replaced the original data and system partitions a little bit later - veilinghuis by rupor were published.
The main task for enthusiasts was seeking of how to vienna extend the functionality of e-book, and to find a way to access to the system partitions to be able to modify the system software (localization, multilingual keyboard) waay and the application software (to fix various bugs.Conclusion When installing alternative firmware on Sony PRS-T2 Reader, you have to follow all the same requirements as for the Sony PRS-T1.Self installing software on Sony PRS-T1 and PRS-T2 Do not install the firmware 40 on T2!There are situations when a similar package from amutin does not work when you try to restore a hanged reader, while a packet from boroda do koop it's job successfully.The procedure is potentially unsafe, so before you start to work, it is important that you must do a full memory backup.If any alternative software has been already installed, then you need to uninstall the alternative packages, and after that you have to update the original Reader firmware with suitable recovery package.How to install the applications is described in the article Self installing software on Sony PRS-T1 and PRS-T2.Create a full backup Installing a complete set of dictionaries - is an utility that also makes memory repartitioning (backup required!The package allows you to work with multiple tune-up features of the operating system and to install the third-party applications.In many cases, you should also start with running the recovery package from boroda, compatible with your device firmware version.You have just to flash any other the other device with this image, and the device it is ready for use.For a long time, article about the Sony PRS-T2 flashing with third-party software was virtually not actual, and we were constantly putting off writing it "for next time" - up to the time when the people interested in this issue.Experimentally confirmed that the Sony PRS-T2 Reader is much more power-saving device compared to its predecessor, and despite the fact that battery in it is the same.