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Make a bag out of wrapping paper

make a bag out of wrapping paper

If your paper has a leuke design on make both sides, (like scrapbook paper flip the kerst paper over so make that maken the border will be on the outside.
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Fold what will be the bottom of your bag up toward the top.
If you are using tape, consider using thin, clear, double-sided tape.7237shares, facebook751, pinterest6486, never buy pre-made gift bags again!Sure, you could just buy a gift bag to put them maken in, but did you know that you can easily use a piece of wrapping paper to create your own gift bag in leuke just minutes?!The new ones maken don't have to be same as the old ones, but you might want to make the new ribbon or rope match the bag.Secure with tape or strong adhesive.Im in the process of getting it sorted so its make a hot make mess right now (you can see a bit in the video below) but being able maken to have all my supplies in plain sight has been so inspiring for.Fan open the folds so they look like an accordion.Now that the top edge and bottom are secure and youve creased the edges you can remove the box from the paper-be gentle so you dont rip the paper.

For a bag thats more ornamental, you wrapping can wrapping create an accordion top and seal make it with maken a bow.
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With this simple gift wrapping idea, youll want to buy gifts for everyone!
You can always add a piece of cardboard to the bottom paper of the bag to make it more sturdy.There are two different types of bags Im going to show you how to make-the first dingetjes is the fastest leuke and its more or less a paper sack.4 maken Create an accordion top.Here are a few more ideas to get you started: If your bag is made out of solid-colored paper, you can make it look more interesting by painting on designs.Its so easy to learn how to make a gift bag out of wrapping paper with this step by step tutorial!Does maken the original ribbon or rope still match the bag?3, gather your tools.Tape down this seam.2 Consider adding handles.

4 6 Create the bag bottom.
8 References Article Summary X make To make a gift bag with paper, first measure your paper by folding it in half, laying the gift in the center, and allowing for 2 to 3 inches on all sides before cutting.