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Make a bid for

make a bid for

ProjectSyndicate, if China makes a maken bid for regional hegemony, it make will find it difficult to resist the maken structural constraints placed on it within this hierarchy.
Times, Sunday Times (2009)You can enter a competitive bid and take your chance of receiving an allotment at your bid price.
MultiUn, although Unidroit has only approached the United Nations to consider the assumption of the function of supervisory maken authority, other candidates may also make a bid for it oj4, according to France, the French state maken gave its agreement to the Areva board of directors' proposal.
There have been speculation that she might be preparing to make a bid for the White House in 2012.Miller, Roger make LeRoy Fishe, Raymond.The winner is the person who has placed the lowest unmatched bid when acties the auction closes.They each tried to buy the chair by repeatedly making higher bids than the other one had made more examples maken - hide examples Example sentences - Hide examples b no object US maken : to offer to do work for a particular price make 2 past tense.These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.EurLex-2, this was not maken only because of the sheer quantity of tobacco that had to be purchased, stored and marketed but also because of the amounts of the guarantees that had to be lodged when making bids, (the security required for making a bid for.

The Sun (2009)I bid kerst you goodnight, Lieutenant.
NIS is voor a monopoly operator in lijst the voor Serbian oil sector, with lijstje # maken per maken cent of the market and annual sales of # billion euros.
Times, Sunday Times (2016 question : Does the opposing bidding make a difference?
Times, Sunday Times (2016)He bids farewell to people at his tastings by declaring that next time he'll see them in, scotland.Found 612 sentences matching phrase "make a bid actie for".Found in.Read more, now there are two rival bids for kerst this unglamorous business.The Sun (2015)GCap has already rejected one bid.Europarl8, mr President, the reason I wanted to make a one minute speech tonight is because I am concerned that, in Ireland, Ryanair are about to make a bid for the national airline, Aer Lingus.The Sun (2006)It is rare enough to bid and make a game in a suit that an opponent has mentioned.The Sun (2010)He invited maken bids from other causes.Times, Sunday Times (2010)There was no maken need to get involved in a populist bidding war over maken energy prices.OpenSubtitles2018.v3, you should make a bid for the film rights.Example sentences with "make a bid for translation memory.Times, deel Sunday Times (2010)We have had one bid and it was not acceptable.Europarl8, also, with a view to enlargement, more countries will make a bid for the budget.Iain Gale Man of Honour (2007).