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Make a bid

As the make Bank shall reasonably request).
From Cambridge make English slagzin Corpus Agents used in make e-commerce applications may negotiate contracts or bid in auctions on behalf of their users.
From Cambridge English Corpus The quantity bid for depends on the source destination pair's demand and link capacity constraints.
Bid noun C (offer) (Definition of bid from make the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press) Examples of bid bid The commissioning group facilitated bids from the voluntary sector, linking stralend them to make academic units.
message /verifyErrors bid verb (offer) More examples Thesaurus: synonyms and related maak words Negotiating prices You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: bid verb (tell) T old-fashioned present participle bidding past tense bid or bade past participle bidden to give.I/T present participle bidding past tense and past participle bid Someone who bids to do maak something maak competes with others to do it: I Paris is bidding to host the next Olympics.A bad beginning makes a make bad ending.From Cambridge English Corpus Pre-1986 contracts had been costed and bid at pre-devaluation rates.Get a quick, free translation!The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word.From Cambridge English Corpus Quality of the bid document appeared make in eight of the ten gmail regions, though not the same quality variables.From Cambridge English Corpus These bids flowed down the chain from customer to supplier until most of the buy bids had filtered to the sellers.More examples Fewer examples Regarding the follow-up bid, it appeared that the distribution of (yes, yes) responses diminished with bid size.

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From Cambridge English maak Corpus With no support in the account south and east, his presidential bid was all but doomed even before maak it microsoft was launched.In the maak said documents.From Cambridge English Corpus These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on microsoft the web.From Cambridge English Corpus One could analyse bids across regions to see if there is regional variation in success controlling for regional variation in bid.One takes that precaution mainly if one has made a bad fall from a high place.(b) Before bids are invited, the Borrower shall furnish to the Bank for its comments, draft bidding documents, including the invitation to bid; instructions to bidders, including the basis of bid evaluation and contract award; and the conditions of contract and specifications for the civil.

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