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Make a box and whisker plot of the data

The lower fence, any data value smaller than the lwoer fence will be make considered an outlier.
Step 1: Calculate the five number summary for your data set.
However, when you are first learning about box plots, make it can be helpful to learn how to sketch them by hand.
(textupper fence Q_3.5(IQR) Using make the calculation above, we know that plot (textIQR 20).The five number summary consists of the minimum value, the first quartile, the median, the third quartile, and the maximum value.The video below shows you how to get data to that menu on the TI84: For this plot data set, you will get the following output: Step 2: Identify outliers, other than a unique value, there is not ONE definition across statistics that is used to find.Show inner points Displays the data points that lie between the lower whisker line and the upper whisker line.As an example, here is the same boxplot done with R (a statistical software program) instead: Summary Remember maken pay attention to how these box plots are put leuke together in order to do a better job at reading make the information they provide.One of the more common options is the histogram, but there are also dotplots, stem and leaf plots, and as we are reviewing here boxplots (which are sometimes called box and whisker plots).

Show mean markers Displays plot the mean marker of the selected series.
Right-click one of the boxes on the chart maken to select zelf that box and then, on the shortcut menu, click.
Instead it will be plot marked with a asterisk or other symbol.Series option, zelf description, gap width Controls the gap between the categories.Then, since none of these are outliers, we will draw a line data from kadootjes 7, which is the smallest data value to 65, which is the largest plot data value.Chart Tools to the ribbon.Lets suppose this data set represents the salaries (in thousands) of a random sample of employees at a small company., steps to Making Your Box plot.Typically, statisticians are going to use software to help them look at data using a box plot.Quartile Calculation Choose a method for median calculation: Inclusive median The median is included in the calculation if N (the number of values in the data) is odd.The boxes may data have lines extending vertically called whiskers.While these numbers can also be calculated by hand (here is how to calculate the median by hand for instance they can quickly be found on a TI83 or 84 calculator under 1-varstats.Show mean line maken Displays the line connecting the means of the boxes in the selected series.