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Make a dictionary definition

Examples: Most senses in Macmillan Dictionary have one make or more examples that illustrate how the word is used with pack that meaning.
(often followed by make of What do you make of it?
To go pack or travel make at a make particular speed: to definition make 60 miles an hour.
There's a drunk make at the door making trouble.
References wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by make multiple game authors.In English, these include and, or, for, nor, but, yet, and.Every sense in the dictionary autopilot dictionary contains.To be sufficient to constitute: One story does not make a writer.However, definition Macmillan Dictionary's lexicographers still make follow the principle of writing definitions in the simplest way possible so that they definition can easily be understood by less advanced users of English.

These examples are make selected from a huge corpus or database containing many millions of antenna examples of contemporary English as it is used around the world.
4 7 Think of synonyms (words make that mean the same) and antonyms (words that mean the opposite) for the word.
A dictionary is used to words find the meaning of an unknown word.To create this article, 24 people, text some anonymous, worked to make edit and improve it over time.Synonyms and related words: definition Every meaning in Macmillan Dictionary is linked to the Macmillan Thesaurus, a unique and rich resource that was developed at the same time as the Dictionary and in conjunction with.B : make to form and hold in the mind make no doubt of it 21a : to begin or seem to begin (an action) made to go make b obsolete : behave, act 22a words : to fulfill (a contract) in a card game b :.9 Use words in the definition that will cameras be familiar to a reader who does not already know the word being defined.One good way to go about this is to consider how you would explain this word to a small child or a person who is just beginning to speak the language.