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Make a gif after effects

make a gif after effects

Well also showcase how to effects export GIFs using.
But sometimes if you're exporting a GIF that comes from live action footage, by selecting 'dither you can actually reduce your file size and make I highly encourage you to make just mess around with your individual GIF to get the right dithering option for you.
The most important one is Animation Speed since youre uploading an image sequence that doesnt contain time data, you have to set a duration for the animation.
But there's a big caveat here, GIFs don't actually support variable alpha channels, which means that a pixel can only be 100 on or 100 off.
point But for our GIF, we effects want it to loop so we're going to keep it at forever.This make will also make your edges less jagged and effects improve the overall quality of your GIF.Once server your animated masterpiece is finished.If that was the case, you could hypothetically export this video frame with this 'no transparency dither' selected, and it would have alpha channels in the background.Once youve set your options and previewed your final GIF go ahead and hit that Save button.So I'm going to go ahead and preview this short video clip that we have here.Your mileage will vary plugin widely depending on your GIF, but what you gain in ease of use with GifGun, you lose in the ability to specifically preview and control final output quality vs, file-size (though GifGun does do a good job of optimizing).Pros: Easy to Use, Fast, cons: Can Cost, Isnt Always Stable, Less Customization Than Photoshop.So if you want a professional solution, let's say you're working on a design firm's website header or you need a really polished and fancy GIF for your specific website or blog, you probably effects want to use Photoshop.Create a GIF in After Effects Using.

So what I'm going to do is list actually go graph to the Internet, so we're going to go to good old Google Chrome here and bubble we breeze can use an online GIF creating bucket service.
That is tiny for make images, especially one that is 960 pixels wide.
So go ahead and add it to your breeze render queue, you can hit 'shift 'command or you can just go to 'composition 'add to render queue'.Step 2: bucket Import Your Video File Into Photoshop.We have this looping animation here with this kind of texturized background, but if we exported this GIF, the file size would be much larger than that of this one with a bucket very simple plain background, so keep that in mind.Now make the tool that I'm going to use here is called 'GIF Rocket' and it is actually only available for Mac, but there are a lot make of GIF creation softwares out there.Tips for Lowering GIF File Size There are a few different things you can do to reduce your GIF file size without losing quality.Just click Reduce the file size of this GIF, give it a setting (I reduced mine to 32 colors and click Optimize Now.Depending on the size of your video it can take a few seconds to import.More compression will result in a smaller online file size, but a reduction and quality.And then we can obviously go in here and change bucket the dithering and diffusion amount for the pixels on the edge of your video frame.So if you're ready wand to take your meme game up a notch, wand let's hop.Dithering: Dithering is a fancy word used to describe colored noise in your image.

Check out the School of Motion Facebook page where we share animated GIFs from Motion Designers from around the world.
After Effects, but thats not absolutely necessary; you can do it in after Photoshop just as easily.