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Make a nandroid backup

Other functionalities kerstcadeaus it can be flash the Zip, Image file, Wipe, zip kattenspeeltjes restores and many other things.
Hold backup the Volume Down Power key kadootjes simultaneously to Boot Android leuke device into Recovery (twrp) mode.
You cannot restore twrp backup via rwrp or nandroid any make other recovery.
make Locate the Backup folder you kerst created from twrp process earlier.CWM: backup The approach is the same as above.A few backup years back the CWM (ClockworkMod) backup and Philz was ideeen the only Custom Recovery that was the widely used.Do the nandroid backup.To unlock the bootloader on any Android device, the procedure is just the same.A custom recovery is a very powerful tool.If youre not sure what to choose, simply leave the default selections.Once you have entered into twrp mode, Select Backup.

A Nandroid maken backup includes the leuke copy of the leuke phones stock ROM and custom ROM, all leuke the apps (including all the preinstalled one leuke all system settings, all account settings, All Android maken leuke Apps, contacts and messages, Widgets.
Note: Select Do not Install if twrp asks you to root your maken phone using SuperSU.
If youre here, youve probably already read our guides on how to unlock your bootloader and install twrp recovery.After the restore, you need to tap on the Reboot System button.When you return to Android, you should find that everything is exactly how you left it when you made that backup.Transfer the Nandroid Backup to a computer.Boot Android device gedichten into Recovery nandroid (twrp) mode.