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Make a notebook cover

Where the notebook make spine is, notebook cut the cover fabric down so its notebook flush with the edge of the spine.
Glue sticks and hot glue guns usually have quick drying times, taking only about 1-2 minutes.
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Apply some Mod Podge or liquid cover glue to your notebook.Make sure to rub your fingertips over the edge of your notebook as wert well.By using our site, make you agree to our cookie policy.You wert can write your name and your class subject, or any other relevant information.You can place paper, duct tape, fabric, scrapbook paper, or anything like that over the original cover.5 6, press your hands down on the cover waarde to help it adhere to the notebook.

Another option is having a friend draw something for you.
5 Place pieces of duct tape onto your notebook to waay add color or waay patterns.
If amsterdam you want to paint your notebook's cover, waay then you can paint another piece of paper and make glue.
Find your favorite color and pattern, and use this for your notebook.
You can use strips of duct tape or cut out smaller shapes with scissors.4, avoid applying too much glue on your cover.2 Glue fun pictures to the amsterdam cover of your notebook to personalize.We use cookies to make wikiHow amsterdam great.For waay non-bulky corners, fold the edges in like a triangle before gluing.There are all sorts amsterdam of materials you can use, so don't be afraid to experiment and try different accessories!The bunny head looks like this.Then, line up the bottom corners as well.Try waay to use thin, even layers.Now separate the default covers of the notebook and put them between the ribbon and felt.For instance, a paper composition notebook wouldn't be suited well for a metal waay lock and key, but you could try adding two ribbons to the front so you can tie them in a bow to secure your notebook.

Draw a head with 2 long ears and two small paws on fabric.
This is our notebook Do you think we can make it cuter?