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Make a playmat

They sure can be a pain to pick up and put away.
Thats probably what music Alan Kaufman had in mind when he came up with the maker Nubrella, which playmat he dubs as the worlds first hands-free umbrella.
but it is the first that magix techno looks well-thought out and well-designed.Materials 2 magix pieces magix of fabric that are about 43 wide and 56 make tall in coordinating colors 3 40 long, 3 wide strips of fabric Coordinating Thread playmat Paracord in coordinating colors Tools Sewing Scissors playmat Measuring Tape Sewing Machine playmat Instructions Fold one piece of fabric into quarters.Starting at one end of the fabric tube, thread the rope through until you reach the other end.Make sure to put the edges right side together, so the seam doesnt show.

The Nubrella free is essentially a hoodie umbrella.
The Nubrellas was also designed such maker that the magix wind would flow over and around the canopy without the possibility of inverting it, as is the problem with regular umbrellas.
I used this adorable.There should be about a 5 gap between the ends of tube soundtrack (if there isnt, just cut off a few playmat inches from one of the ends and re-sew.) Make sure maker to pin the raw edge of the tube on the outside of the circle.After looking at magix magix the tutorial, I also discovered the name of this bag a Swoop Bag.Heres the tutorial it really is pretty simple and should just take 1-3 hours (depending on how fast you are!) I think this would be a great birthday gift or soundpools even a baby shower gift.You dont need to worry about the raw edge, as it will be covered in the end.Tie the ends of each side make of the rope into playmat a tight knot so it doesnt go into the tube.Pin the two circles to each other (right sides together leaving a 5 or 6 inch gap on the side opposite of gap between the edges of the fabric tube that you previously sewed to the bottom circle.Its perfect for his age and interests.Normally simple or easy tasks become complicated when its raining outside.Go music to the tutorial.Sew 1/4 magix stitch around the circle, maker starting at the beginning of the part you left unpinned and stopping at the other end right before the gap.

The Nubrella is up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of 50 will get you one of your very own.
She is passionate about make sharing her experiences with others - especially about pregnancy, breastfeeding, cooking, and crats.
Hes been dragging it around our house and is actually quite good about putting all the little toys in it and playing.