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Make colour photo black and white

I downloaded it from the make gimp Plug-in Registry and compiled it myself.
Right-click on the original image and select Filters - Color - Channel Mixer.
When you have something that looks decent in doge the preview, make click.You can see from the close up that it isnt quite as make good the grayscale version in terms make of colour noise, but the noise isnt too colour bad, and the trade-off photo is a lot more contrast and interest in the overall tonalities of the image.On the dropdown that appears, click the Saturation 0 option in the Color Saturation group.I dont know how this conversion works make in gimp, photo but I have read that Photoshop uses a standard mix of the RGB channels for their grayscale conversion: RED30, green59 and blue11.Supposedly black this mix accounts for the eyes sensitivity to different colors.Youll get a dialog box like the one at right.

Here is what I make get if make I use desaturate instead.
The Procedure, here is an example image, loaded into gimp.
Note: make the LAB decompose make option was not distributed with the version of gimp I got (ver.2.3).
Left image : The original image.I like to decompose and make examine the individual RGB channels, make as we did earlier.Since we launched in 2006, our articles make have been read more make than 1 mend billion times.Read meaning Full Bio how-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts make to explain technology.Processing usually lasts for.5-20 make seconds.PNG-24 make (without compression, with transparency support) Copy make exif and other metadata?Further Reading The original tutorial used to appear on gimpguru.The advantage of the channel whining mixer is (obviously) flexibility.With the Preserve Luminosity option on, the sliders will be scaled so they always add up to 100.

In this example, that scale white value is 1 75750).667.
Right image : Converted using channel mixer (80 green, 20 red).
Select Image - Colors - Desaturate.