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Make daft punk helmet

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You will be attaching it to punk the desk inside of daft your mask punk using helmet your hot glue punk gun or other adhesive.
Measure the length between the tip of free your nose to the back of your head.
The gents from Daft Punk are a fairly star elusive couple, and to add to the complexity of sourcing helmet references, there have been a multitude of changes to their helmets over the course of their career.
Once the back silicone has been waxed, move on helmet to molding the front half of the helmet.This application of resin serves two purposes: It gives us a strong base to sculpt and sand on top of, and it protects the polystyrene foam from chemicals that will dissolve it in the steps to come.Spray the mask with the gold metallic paint first.You're only trying to get the general shape now, so leave it kind of rough.Keep your wiring tidy and try to run the lines up one side of the display - using heat shrink tubing can help make sure things route the right way.Be careful not to drip any solder across the joints or onto the subvisor.Going back to the blueprints, measure the height of the visor bevel above and below the styrene piece from step.Take your clear plastic sheet and cut it to the size make that you will need to completely cover the visor area of your mask.( pic 2 ) Using squeeze epoxy, run a thin bead around the outer edge of the visor inside the helmet to secure it in place.

However, you will still be able to see through the rest of make cake the visor just fine.
Skip to about 4:20 to get the the relevant information, though there are some good tips about mold prep beforehand as well.
Remove extra pieces from your helmet.
Sometimes seeing the print just slightly larger or smaller can help determine what looks best.
( pic 2 ) After you've got your template finished, trim the visor out of spreadsheet the PET plastic.13 Cut off the sides of make the globe to get an 8 mask visor.After scaling scratch the picture appropriately to the ruler's marked dimensions so that the scale of the person's head is 1:1, the blueprints are scaled cake and make printed make accordingly.( pic 3 ) My helmet shown has added vent fans and LEDs in the ears and corners of the visor area.I did castings in both polyester and urethane resin - the poly is lighter and thinner, but more brittle.You'll want to make sure all of the mold silicone is covered by the mold jacket to avoid any registration issues.Materials needed: Spray primer ( I prefer Krylon "Ruddy Brown" ) Bondo or similar polyester filler 2-part Epoxy glue ( I prefer Loctite brand ) Hot glue Tools needed: 400, 600, 1000, 2000 grit sandpaper Hot glue gun Recommended: Respirator The first thing.You can also place your visor in the mask and then tape it in place.Cut punk this dimension out of a long strip of styrene and trim into 1" sections.( pic 3 ) The "mouth" of the helmet is an indented box.You won't need to create your own templates to build the front of your mask.When finished, you should have a line of LEDs with all anodes soldered together, and one straight lead at spinner the end.