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Make gif animation photoshop cs6

Save and Export Your GIF.
To do this, click the time below bingo each frame and choose how long you'd like it to appear.
The words Timeline window will appear at the bottom of your birthday screen.
If online you want to speed up or slow down make the rate birthday at which the video plays, you can right-click on the clip in the timeline and change biltong the Speed parameter.
Step 8: make Preview make your GIF by pressing the play icon.They're easy to consume, provide a new way to capture your viewers' attention, and can have a serious emotional impact.Use the options in the Import window to limit the amount of frames animation imported.2 Open make the video file.To do this: Click, file.In our case, we chose.5 seconds per frame.Click, file Save for bircher Web Devices, make sure the file format is set to GIF, change any other options if needed, and save the image!For some make brands, including an animated GIF in emails correlated with as much as a 109 increase in revenue.Why are GIFs great additions to your marketing?

Internet Explorer is somewhat limited; try it in Google Chrome.
Create a layer for each projects frame.
To open Timeline, better go to bigger the top navigation, choose Window Timeline. .
Save it to use balloon online balloon by going to the top navigation bar and clicking File Export Save for Web (Legacy).
balloon Here's what it looks like: Step 3: In the Timeline window, click make "Create Frame Animation." If it's not automatically selected, choose it from the dropdown menu - but then be sure to actually click it, otherwise the frame animation options won't show.Create Frame Animation button.Locate and select the video file you want to use and click Open.This next step differs depending on what version of Photoshop you have: For Photoshop CS5: Open the Animation palette (.8 Click next to Looping Options and select an option.This will take each layer in your document and set it as an individual frame in the animation.If you have a GIF with gradients, choose Dithered GIFs to prevent color homes banding. .The drop down button circled in black in the image above will change how balloon many times the animation will loop; either a fixed number of times, or forever.2, create a new project.Make use of GIFs by showcasing products, making event announcements, or otherwise enticing make readers.

If you do not see thumbnail icons of all your layers in the Animation/Timeline palette, click the icon in the lower right corner (the hover text will say Convert to animation Frame Animation).
You may have to click the button first to see this option.
Select whether you want your GIF to play through once, or loop forever.