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Make install prefix

(If you are prefix using Autoconf, write make them as @htmldir @dvidir etc.) Packages which supply several translations of their documentation should install them in (htmldir ll, (pdfdir ll, etc.
Users should never need to prefix modify files in this directory to configure make the packages operation; put such configuration information in separate files that go in (datadir) or (sysconfdir).
Prefix, a prefix used shirt in constructing the default nickname make values of the variables listed below.
prefix (If you are using Autoconf, write it make as @[email protected]) This directory usually has a subdirectory per locale.This make should normally be /var/run, but write it as (localstatedir run.But some libraries are intended to work with other compilers.Man1ext The file name extension for night installed section 1 man pages.Gz tar -xvf redis-*.tar.(If you are using Autoconf, write it as @[email protected]).(configure make (error not found.

They should make all be set make based to (docdir) by default.
These make variables nickname specify the directory for installing certain specific types of make files, if your free program has them.
Those probably belong in (localstatedir).
It is much cleaner to make other data files architecture-independent, prefix and it is generally not hard.It's what you should use if you're just compiling something for use on a single host.These first name two variables set the root for the installation.Do not expect the user to include the subdirectory name in the value of any of the variables listed above.When newspaper any are missing, the descriptions here serve as specifications for what Autoconf will implement.Infodir (datarootdir info If your program installs a large number of files into one of the standard user-specified directories, it might be useful to group them into a subdirectory particular to that program.H that exists came from the Foo package.And finally, you should set the following variable: srcdir The based make directory for the sources being compiled.Man pages are just for the sake of people running GNU software on Unix, which is a secondary application only.The idea of having a uniform set of variable names for installation directories is to enable page the user to specify the exact same values for several different GNU packages.(If you are using Autoconf.70 or later, write it as @[email protected]).

The default value of prefix should be /usr/local.
Some prefix files are architecture-independent and can be shared by all machines at a site; some are architecture-dependent and can be shared only by machines of the same kind and operating system; others may never be shared between two machines.