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Make it right foo fighters

make it right foo fighters

I don't need a matyr, who's fighters it gonna right be?
Don't you wanna hitch a ride?
Who's free it gonna dinner be?
Brother can you spare a dime?Gonna be another, hop on make right the train fighters to fighters nowhere baby.Bite a little harder, what's it gonna take, what's it gonna take.Hop on the train fighters to nowhere baby.Someone got dimples you hypnotized, down on the chain, your bad tuxedo.Got no soul to keep.Do make a little number, make bite the hand that make feeds, bite the hand that feeds.Everybody breathe, everybody breathe, breathe a little deeper, got no soul to keep, home got no soul to keep.

Count what's left when it's all gone wrong.
I just wanna dice different do, I just wanna.
How you dice gonna make it make right?
Down on files the chain, your into bad tuxedo.Everybody needs, everybody needs, needs a dice little suffer, i just wanna do, I just wanna.Ain't no brother's keeper, i don't different fuckin' need, I don't fuckin' need.Gonna make it right, how you gonna make it right?Lights go out and your head starts spinning.Gonna make it right, hop on the train dice to make nowhere baby.Gonna take a lover, hop on the train to nowhere baby.I don't fuckin' need, I don't fuckin' need.What's it gonna take, what's it gonna take.Gonna make it right Gonna make it right.He said he didnt need to be credited and just wanted to be able to say he was on a Foo Fighters ' record.Its incredibly flattering because I always presume people dont like our band, so when he said he liked us I was really make kind of blown away."Make It Right ".Everybody needs, everybody needs Needs a little suffer dice I just wanna do, I just wanna do into Do a little number Bite dice the hand that feeds, bite dice the hand that feeds Bite a little harder What's it gonna take, what's it gonna take Take a lover.Gonna make it right How you gonna make it right?

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