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Make knotted lace

Use a lovebook dab of glue to stop make the knot coming undone.
Firstly youll need a copy of the instructions for making knotted rounds so that you lace know how to make the stitch.
Because the knot stitch secures the threads no matter how you group threads together, you can make a surprising number of designs.
Start by securing the centre of your flower make using the technique of your choice.
After securing the centre keep making knot stitches in your chosen design.These samples were eiwitrepen made on the Clover Hana-Ami loom using DK weight wools.I tried making a spiral, a three petal flower with make a knotted edge and a six petal flower with a knotted round in a second colour.Ive used the knot stitch to make the centres in all of my lace samples.Darn the ends into the back of your flower or tie them together and trim them close to the knot.As long knotted as your flower wont be pulled around knotted a lot, the glue will keep the knot secure.Sponsored Links, knot stitching lace is not just for making circles, you can stitch many simple designs because it secures the threads as you.Copyright Sarah Bradberry, April 16th 2010.Knotted, lace : Fancy Single Side.Firstly you ll need a copy of the instructions for making knotted rounds so that you know how to make the stitch.And a six petal flower with a knotted.

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Knotted, lace, triangle Shawl from Premier Yarns can be made with just one ball lace of yarn.
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