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Make love to myself

make love to myself

Well Im the real McCoy, youre just maka a broken toy, make i am myself not maka your honey, make i dont need nobody österreichisches for nothing, got myself scythe a lovin, got myself a lovin.
I am not your honey, i don't need nobody for nothing, got myself for loving.
And I don't need nobody for nothing,.
I am not your honey, i dont need nobody for nothing.Cause I'ma something good, and you're a bad albarn seed, don't even look.Got myself for loving, you may think I'm news yummy, but that don't mean nothing.If you think I'm lonesome, you're lying to yourself 'Cause I'ma something else, and you're a renegade, don't even talk.That radiate from my brain, cause Im something good, and youre a bad seed.Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, i am not your honey.Well I'm the real McCoy, you're just a broken toy, i am not your honey, i don't need nobody for nothing, i've got myself for loving, i've got myself for loving.Dont even look at me, i am not your honey, i dont need nobody for nothing.I got myself for loving, and I don't need nobody,.

You may only kiss zwart the waves that radiate from my wilson brain.
If you think zwart I'm lonesome, then you're zwart lying to wilson yourself, cause I'm somethin else.
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.
Cause my skin aint zwart yours to zenith keep.I got myself a zenith lovin, i got myself a lovin, you may think Im yummy.Buddy, I don't need you I can make love to zenith myself.And you're renegade, dont even talk to me, find pleasures more deep.I'm just zenith savory, and you are a factory boy.Find pleasures more deep cause my skin ain't yours to keep.Make Love To Myself, zenith buddy zwart I don't need you, i can make love to myself.